Disable minimize to tray menu

I need to disable bot minimizing to tray menu and I don’t need to use the manager for that.

Also an option to log off/terminate client is needed.

is it really that hard to disable tray menu minimization ?

Start the bot with --disabletray


it works now, but most people won’t know about that, or won’t even know how to start the bot with command arguments.

a better thing is to add the option in the bot itself.

Also, if I wanted to close (exit) the game and re-open it. I don’t get the option “launch client” again.

it happens when the game lags and I had to re-open it. An option to “Log off/Close client” is strongly needed.

I was an old user of phBot since the beginning and I recently came back to a vSro server out of boredom due to this corona crap, and i wish for nothing but the best for phBot.

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