Devil spirit

just a question, how to auto use the devil spirit skill? checked on use devil’s spirit and in protection partition checked on devil spirit and still not using it… any idea?

i just used it and didnt relog yet if it needs to be relogged just let me know

It will use it once you are attacked by a monster and it fits the criteria on the protection tab.

so this should be working? because im in training area and getting kicked and still doesnt want to work… as i said i didnt relog since i’ve weared it


It does work. Did you enable it on the attack tab?

yes of course, anything else to enable? @Ryan

It should work unless you did not teleport after buying it from the item mall.

ya, i didnt leave my training area since i’ve activated it… i will teleport and feed ya back with the result

yes, its working fine now… thanks ryan =)

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