Deliver quests only when in town


Is this possible to put this option ?
My char is running to redeem the quests and go back to town walking lol.
Is there a way to tell him to redeem the quests only when he goes back to town ?

Thanks !

Which quest? It should not be walking back to town to turn something in.

the 2 quests from Earth Toists (Inventory and Charm), he went back to town walking for both of them.
Maybe because I was close to the city ?

and by the way, I found another small issue :

  • I’m doing the hidden jewel quest
  • Once finished, the bot go claim the reward
  • The bot then start the loop and forget to retake it if it’s still possible

Is it possible to enable the “repeat” quests ? and if it goes to talk to the npc and quests is not available, it goes in the “completed” list ?



Also quests that bot can’t take for some reasons.

EDIT : My bad it seems that the quests doesn’t exist anymore in the serv but is still in phbot, maybe sro-r quest !

But for my previous post, it is still not working .


Sorry for the spam Ryan but this is quite important in my opinion,(especially on old school server where quests helps you a lot to lvl up)

thank you very much <3

It is possible to fix your first problem but I believe it’s better the way it is because nearby quests should be turned in. For instance, if you are in Mirror Dimension the NPCs are pretty close so it’s faster to walk back and repeat the quest than to wait until the next loop.

I will probably add a toggle for this so you can choose.

I am very fine with my player to walk back to npc if it’s close to where training area. I like it.

Only prob is for repeatable quests, my bot never tries to take it back after delivering it :frowning:

The quest is probably not being detected as repeatable in their text files so it’s not getting it again. You’re talking about the Bunwhang one, correct?

Bunwang ones for example, also happened with “hidden jewels” (Black Robber Archer), or other quests.
My bot actually never repeated a quests.

Maybe a small option to repeat it and if the bot doesn’t find it when talking to NPC : It makes the quests as “completed”.

I think I see the problem. I’ll post something soon.

Tried it.

But still not working. Not even taking basic quests (bunwangs one)

Even the one that I thought was not on the server (the screenshot) is actually live on the server but bot couldn’t find a path, I went myself and took it.

The bot ignores the other quests. not even appearing in the console of the phbot


The first quest he doesn’t find path, the 3 others, he doesn’t go to take them

EDIT 2 : Suddenly, after completed some of the 3 last quests, my bot used a return scroll but didn’t deliver the quest. Disabling return scroll, he went walking to redeem the quest, successfully. I don’t understand anything anymore lol.

My second bot, whom i didn’t take manually any quest, is still ignoring them

I’m testing the “hidden jewel” quest. Make sure collision detection is enabled so it can create paths to the NPC. If you abandon one of those quests, it will be detected as “completed” and there’s no way to know if you can still get it unless you go to the NPC and check. So you have to get it manually in that case.

I have 2 accounts :

  • First account, I took the quests manually and the bot went to deliver them properly (but he didn’t want to take them)

  • Second account : I didn’t touch anything to see if you would come up with a solution. He still didn’t accept the questS (the 4 quests). One of them he cannot find a path (collision is enabled) 3 others he doesn’t even try to get them

[12:56:32] Auto Quest: Getting quest reward [hidden jewel]
[12:56:32] Gained 0 experience and 200,000 SP experience
[12:56:43] Auto Quest: Accepting quest [hidden jewel]

Even if I abandon it after it retrieves the quest it will still go to the NPC to get it again.

Hmmm ok, this is weird.

What about the bunwhang quests that the bot is not even trying to take ?

I just checked and it’s because of how close obstacles are to that NPC. It may not be possible to create a path that goes there.

Ok but there are 4 of them.

And for 3 of them my bot went back to take reward after I took it manually, but on my another account, he did not take them.

Which server is this?