Decryption Error

I have this error on manager since yesterday, it started after my computter got turned off bcause of low batery. I also put the right password which I use to open manager but I got full error password -.- Please Help

Look in the “Backup” folder and restore from there. It was probably corrupted.

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Where is that folder? i can´t see in the manager folder´files nor ph bot stable folder´ files

It’s in the Manager folder. Everyday it copies the encrypted config file there.

Omg I delated files and I reinstalled the manager :frowning: thinking this would be bug and it maight fixed by reinstalling, so what can I do?

Is there another way I can log manager without ask pw and got this error even putting the right pw ??, Without being restauring data bcause i lost files from manager bcause i deleted and trie reisntalling but didnt work what could i do, do I have to make another account ?

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