Dealing with academy

Greetings. As I mentioned in the title, I am dealing with the academy. I have 4 idle computers at my workplace. Some time ago , I’ve been agreed with a player for academy.

After the 2nd week of the server’s opening, I saw some globals about 5 graduate in 2 days. As time passed, it decreased to 1 day, to 18 hours, to 14 hours, and I just saw 12 hours. And rank 1 get 20 - 25 graduate every day. It’s about 5 to 6 hours to graduate 5 account.

As you know, TRSRO’s exp rate is pain in the ass. Do you have any idea how could it be possible?

Btw, there is no pandora or ms in server yet.

if you have a shitload of bots leveling from 1 to 40 all the time it is possible to get that many a day
the person is probably just rotating them with a leveling script to fully automate those characters

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