DC frequently

hi Ryan, may i know why my characters keep dcing? it doesnt stay for over 30 mins boting time in the game and sometimes less, my party never became full since yesterday and thats losing me the shared fatigue because it keeps dcing out of the town… whats the problem? im using ph Manager

It’s the fatigue system.

whats about it? chars were 100% exp and keep dcing thats why they all lost their whole fatigue time… i set the dc time exactly not to lose it and not to stay boting over 4 hours

If you don’t have VIP you’ll still randomly disconnect to allow others to join. It happened constantly to me once Kali filled up.

So any suggestions what to do? Chars keep dc and relog and losing their fatigue… What 2 do? Or its the client problem or because im using manager? Because everything was really fine till yesterday and i was rarely getting dc

Only thing you could do is get vip but that might not even work.

Wow, you think its gonna be solved soon?

Hasn’t it been like that forever?

never, been online boting for over 3 days and the dc sequence i set in the bot is going on very good with no problem… having this problem since yesterday, thats why im wondered its the fatigue system…

If you changed nothing then it’s Joymax.

guess so, i thought its from manager because i wasnt using it before but guess its from the game yes because manager does nothing unless it opens normal phbot… wish it get solved soon, thanks ryan

Ryan, i think you were right… After the fatigue got reset all chars are working fine now so i think it was because off the stupid fatigue shit… Just wanted to let you know the result

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i have a suggest for you, try use the stable release and you will see the different.

It’s not the bot. He just said it’s fine after fatigue reset.

As ryan said dude its not the bot problem, its that fatigue system which force disconnect you after 10 minutes if you dont have any time left… And for me the stable edition is not stable with me and testing is doing really great job…

Thanks for your reply :kissing_heart::heart:

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oki ya ba4a :joy:

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7abiby sba7 el fol :rofl:

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