Dc after dc and again problem with grab pet

As i told you in the mssg each time im in trader and i use trace it gives me dc, and again the problem of the grab pet saving at storage come back, if my inventory and the grab pet is full also it take 2 or 3 times till it can save all of them.

The bot is not working as it has to, its just leaving the storage without storing everything as in the config, please fix it, before with an update it got fixed now again is not working. And the problem of the trace also, please.

I wrote a few days ago about the problem with trace in job, now i have another problem like i had before, and still i dont get any answer, why is taking so long even to tell me that you are at least trying to solve it.

Turn off “Do not move pet items”.

Its is Off, Since the last time is the same mistake that it just move some of them.

And about the trace, why is that?

I need a real answer please.

Post your trace settings.