.db3 updateting


i just purchased the bot. I want to use it on DeathRoad Sro a ecSro based server.
I installed the bot and started it. I set up the setting for the Server. It says it needs to update a .db3 file…
when i press OK it creates some 2mb files with numbers like this “324782354712389.db3” and its closing itself.
Everytime i start the bot it does the same. I tried to reinstall the bot with deleting the folder first but it didnt help.

You have to let it finish before starting another bot.

but the bot close itself while doing it… i can’t see it doing something else

@ChinKas570 for updating ur bot or files u have to close all bots and maneger then open just the bot and try to update it the maneger will close the bot if it cant connect

i dont have any bot open or running…
i still try to get the first setup done.
i also restarted my computer… and it didnt help

do u have maneger open in the background ?

i dont use the manager

u should if u planing to use more then just 1 char

sure. but I still struggle to get my first bot running.

otherwise i can try to help u via teamviewer if u want

btw im from germany to

also @Ryan if you need teamviewer… its ready

i could see now: it stops at 50%

It’s doing stuff.

well to 50% and then it crashes/close itself… i cant see it doing stuff further. even in taskmanager… there is no process running.

I’ll take a look.

An older version did crash for me but I couldn’t make it happen again after the latest version. Try this: