Data load status 100%

I have a problem; when I have a character in the game, most of the time when another wants to enter, the window opens and I go to data load status 100% and nothing happens. If the one who is in the game disconnects, then all my characters go to 100% and no one enters the game. I have to disconnect my manager and reopen it and I can enter the characters but when one characters disconnect, the data load status 100% come back and i cant enter in game.

i have the same problem need help please if any one know

I have the same issue since 2 weeks

Can you provide exact steps to reproduce the problem?

i also get this problem, but i call it the "client bug " basically i am unable to relog any client until i use task manager ( or cmd command ) to close all open sro clients, otherwise i wont be able to start any client ( even using loader or launcher ) i believe it is not a phbot issue, rather a client issue

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That client bug has been around forever. If you can find the client that is stuck in memory and kill it that should fix it.

i know, i mean that might be the case here because u will click launch and the bot wont be able to launch the client due to that bug