Data load %100 problem (not solved)


When phbot opens 6 sessions, if two of them relog in sometime, then this 2 accounts can not join again,
data load %100 stuck,
I deleted data isro. but it still do the same thing even i do a delete-regenerate,
Can you please help? @Ryan
I have 1min delay between client openings,


close ALL sro_client.exe

Still same error, and i can not use bot right now.

How long did you wait for it to load? It can take several minutes depending on your PC.

I have 2 pc, for first one it takes 5-10 seconds and the other one almost same to data load normally, but when it stucks, it goes for infinite only for 2-3 accounts, the other works normally,

I am having the same issue… my phbot keeps disconnecting my bots and then restarting with no given reason or error. then when reconnecting i get the issue of the data loading 100% the only way i resovled that issue which was temporary was to restart all the bots. @Ryan