Daily Quest quit problem

lvl 100 Daily quest quit problem while quest giver/taker is wrong in phbot system please fix this problem.

I think it might be a game issue. Joymax has some of the wrong NPC’s listed for quests. Check the map in game. You’ll see

hi billbill,
no this is an phbot problem, phbot has regidterd the wrong npc for a couple of unlimited quests aspecialy in Alexandria. And nobody cares

The text files don’t have the correct NPCs for many of the quests so that’s what you’re seeing.

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I’ve had the same issue and I checked each NPC on the world map. I had compared iSRO and their quest dictionary. Along with each NPC on the map and Joymax has to wrong information for some of the quests. You can take a look.

It surely is Joymax. I don’t expect much from them.