Create script for lv 1 use return to dead place through npc

Hi guys,
I am playing VTC SRO and they fix that lvl 1 can not self-resurrection anymore.
Anyone can guide me how to write a script that my character will return to town and use 1-20 LVL NPC and teleport back to where i die?

There’s an option in the bot to use those teleporters.

I used that script but lvl1 it lay dormant and didn’t return to its own city


Can u suggest any option pls? If lvl below 10 its forever waiting dead.

use condition,
IF> In town => Start bot
(need to get position of place that you want to teleport (death or last recall)
tick on skip town script too so your lvl 1 won’t running around shops
IF> In training area => stop bot
IF> Dead => Return to town