Crash since last update

The bot loads plugins and after that just freezes.

Only in trsro. Isro is fine. It once stated something about corrupt skill data a moment ago.

im trying to let the bot load with the original pk2 now and then replacing it back to the english one afterwards.

wtf is happening. my chars do everything i configured over the past years but now all the fields are empty and its all back to turkish…

i was wrong they doin nothing. dude did this fck up my configs now ?

I got the english pk2 in the folder though. game is completely fine in english. stuff in bot is all turkish

whatever i do, the skills stay turkish in phbot. game is perfectly fine in english.

can i tell the bot somehow to “reload” trsro data? @Ryan

i just put in the TRSRO.db from my second computer now its back to normal again. but when i deleted the trsro.db and tried to let the bot create a new one with the english pk2 the bot stated corrupt skill data. would be nice to understand what went wrong anyways for the future.

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