CrapTrap VM Problem... Help

Hey Everyone,

i cannot start Craptrap iSro on the virtual Mashine… The Error Message is:

→ Could not resolve Silkroad Gateway Servers…

i also cannot start Silkroad normal…
→ Servers are under maintance bla bla bla…

Can someone fix?

Update CrapTrap.exe.

still not working… Check the Attachments :S![Unbenannt|690x497](upload://pcmA6qui


Did VMware crash? You need to use version 11 if it’s doing that.

Use version 11.

K installed and opened your VM.

but i dont have an Internet Connection on my VM… Cannot open google or the game…
any Ideas?
IP’s are not manual setted… it gets from dhcp…

Could be a DNS problem or you chose NAT instead of Bridged.

Edit: By the way, this is not required and you can run CrapTrap locally without any problems.

İ changed no settings in vm… Only more Ram…

İ know but i prefer vm for craptrap