CrapTrap issues

There was an Emergency server inspection some minutes ago and after that was done I’m getting this.
CrapTrap: Could not get a response after 10 attempts.
I’m using the latest testing version and I’m playing on Palmyra server. Any help will be appreciated.

Looking into it.

Thanks Local seems to be working but server is not.

At least that works. Not sure what happened with the server but it is working now. A lot of people are teleporting so you might not be able to get in.

Let me give it another try.
Thanks again.

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CrapTrap server is still not working for me, again its only local, any idea what the issue might be?

same here

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Well at least its good to know its just not me, which would more than likely mean it would be something on my end.

Nothing I can do. Too many people teleporting so use local until they figure it out.

server craptrap not working. can u reset it then maybe it will work.

That’s not how it works.

local craptrap working but server not working. i check it now

I explained this above. Please scroll up.

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Local is not working on me

If the client gets stuck at the login screen, restart CrapTrap. I had to do that on the server.

Nope not stucked . It says [11:03:25] CrapTrap: Could not get a response after 10 attempts

Don’t know what to tell you. Joymax restarting the server with no game update would not affect that.

i am walking around and teleporting with another character. but still getting craptrap error on accounts

same here.

i also use my own captrap server on vm and this works fine