CrapTrap: Could not get a response after 5 attempts

i sometime get CrapTrap: Could not get a response after 5 attempts
i try server and remote

I don’t see any issues with the server option. You tried local? Remote requires you to specify a server that is running CrapTrap.

local my system lag
is there a option i use server and remote together when Could not get a response after 5 attempts from server then use remote ?

Not really unless you have another PC to run CrapTrap on. Server option should be working fine for you. I see teleporting going through all the time.

i use CrapTrap on vm remote in bot but many crash
and server i try but multible char teleport like 20 char 2 char dc
so i ask for use server and remote same time

any idea ? :frowning:

You would need 2 folders. Have you setup a PC for CrapTrap to use with the remote option?

i used CrapTrap on vmware workstation but craptrap crash many time and all chach dc
then i used paid server craptrap but on multible char teleport it overload and i get Could not get a response after 5 attempts from server
i want use paid server craptrap and CrapTrap on vmware workstation same time
if paid server craptrap not response couse overload or lag that bot use CrapTrap on vmware workstation to not get dc

hope u understand sry me bad english

I understand now. It’s crashing randomly all the time due to the protection software. You can try this update which may fix it

still error and dc if multible char teleport at same time
"Could not get a response after 5 attempts from server "
you say try 2 folder half payed craptrap server half vmware remote
i did this is working but manager have full error on 2 folder

You cannot fix that without getting an NVMe SSD and a really fast processor. Teleporting 20 characters at once is not possible due to load times taking too long.

You would need two manager’s as well. I may add support for using remote + server.

thank you
support for using remote + server would be help me much

This will be in the next release. To get it to work you will need to specify the server in “Remote” along with your current remote CrapTrap server.

So for example:,<remote ip>,<other remote ip>

If you want to run CrapTrap locally as well (the local option), select “Local” (so the client starts), then configure the remote option just like above. However, you must use the LAN IP and not localhost /

Example (good):,

Example (bad):,

The reason for this is because if you specify localhost or the bot will choose the “Local” option instead of “Remote” and it will start the client.

Remote servers are randomly chosen.

hi ryan with new version v21.6.3 have this option Remote :server automatically bot selected but i get dns error if. me open with client login game succesful

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it use random and if one server is offline u get dc
[16:26:20] CrapTrap: Could not get a response after 10 attempts, only work if is online or every second char get dc

you need add option if one offline try the other

for example Could not get a response after 5 attempts" bot must try get response from Could not get a response after 5 attempts bot must try get response from

it will help so much on isro Login Queue very wait long

I’ll change that for the next version.

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thx admin

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this for craptrap could not get a response after 10 attempts problems?

This is for people that want to use the server option and remote.

me make it Phbot X-trap setting remote[server] but still error dns i must change someting phbot ini ? for use remote +server

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