Crap Trap?

Hello everyone, i’m wondering if some one can please tell me the benefits of paying for CrapTrap. I’m asking because once in a while my CrapTrap crashes and restarts but never loads up fully, so i have to manually end the process but the issue is sometimes im afk for up to a couple of days.
I will greatly appreciate any input on this topic.
Thanks :smiley: and happy gaming :smiley:

It allows you to use the server option which means you don’t need to run a local client for it.

and how does that affect the computer or the bot? and if i use it can i still go client with my characters when i want?

Yes. It’s just for CrapTrap. With the server option it won’t have to run a client for teleports.

and with this do you think it will resolve the issue i have once in a while where the craptrap shuts down and tries to restart but freezes?

Yes, because it doesn’t even run on your PC with that option.

and to activate it, since i am using manager do i go into the phbot folder used by manager to select server. or do i have to open manager and check the box on each individual acc?

and is there a limit of accounts? like if i have a lot of characters will it mess up?

You select “server” once inside a bot. There’s no limit. If you try teleporting like 100 at exactly the same time you will have problems. This would also be an issue if you ran it locally as well.

is there any way to work around that, teleporting alot at the time?

Use the server + local + run more in a VM or another PC. Or you could just not use clientless for every character.

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thanks for all the super fast responses let me give a try

by the way how do i know how many days i have left of the craptrap service?

hmm… my cpu usage went down with the use of craptrap service. is this one of the perks?

It does not run a local client so sro_client is not running on your PC at all.

thanks, pretty awsome