CPU is Very High!

always i have that problem

disk usage is about windows 10


buddy, we’re using the same Phbot, but we don’t have a problem, I think your disk might be a problem.
I have 26 Char open, but it’s okay.

nah what he’s saying is true… i used to run 32 char without any problem and the CPU was on 40-50 %

now its always between 80 - 100 % since last few updates

I don’t see an issue. Client having high CPU or disk utilization isn’t something I can fix.

I don’t know which operating system they use, but end users did update to Win 10. Maybe then, Cpu and Disk usage may have increased?

i didnt update or do any change on the system its something from the bot… but its okay for me coz i was in the past keeping 3-4 client … now all the client running client lessly :smiley:

i don’t have any problem in windows still problem appeared any have that problem i use win 10 any always craptrap restart client i don’t know why?
is must buy CrapTrap ?

i still don’t know where problem maybe because i use many phbot?

you can compare your status by trying previous versions.maybe it will help you solve your problem.

its about windows 10 not phbot

so any repairing for win 10 or change windows to other ? and what windows better for get prefect CPU ?

W7 if you can setup