CPU heat

(this is OFF-TOPIC … not silkroad or bot related…)

my CPU opirate between 38~100c

38~39c at start up & no program running…
44~51c at browser & bots running…
75~91c at 1x silkroad client opened…
81~99c at most Unity & UnrealEngine games
98~100c at big game such as “cyberpunk2077”

i read somewhere that intel i7(what im using…) got safety function to low its activity a bit when it reach 101c
to stay at max of 100c

meaning i could go 12hours of 1go playing at 100c

cyberpunk2077 use:
CPU “i7(7700)” at 100c & 100%usage…
GPU “1060(6gb)” not much since its on low settings…

was wandering
if im ACTUALLY going 12hours gaming…
while on 100c the whole time…
will my PC blow xD? regardless of that safety CPU function…

will it blow *no but you will shorten its live and you dont get the power you payed for
if its a leptop you might have to renew thermal paste since it get hard and even brakes sometimes

if you have a normal pc you should buy a aftermarked cpu cooler and have at least 1 intake fan and 1that blows the hot air out

this cpu has soket 1151
if you want a good cheap cpu cooler i suggest you a

be quiet! Pure Rock CPU-Kühler 120mm PWM - 30€
be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim - 22€

i suggest you buy the 30€ cooler its even better in cooling but you have to make sure that this cooler fits in you pc case watch some youtube tuts about it

and dont forget to buy thermal paste be quiet have them alreddy out of the box but some other venders dont

every modern cpu have that savety function and i think at about 105 c or something there will be a emergency shutdown


so im safe
& i do have this fan’s with the “thermal paste”

but nice to know it wont blow up xD
& this 105c(or depend on the CPU) shutdown thing also a nice thing…

thx for elaborating…

It will eventually thermal throttle. If your CPU is running above 85C consistently while gaming you probably need a new cooler or new thermal paste.


Make sure your computer case inside is free of dust. I have a electric powered computer duster that works better than canned air. If you are going to buy canned air find the non-flammable type. That works best. You can also find a vacuum built for computers and other electronics. It is an ESD type vacuum so it will not shock sensitive parts. You can also change power settings within Windows that might help reduce overuse of power. If you need guidance google search power settings for you OS

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even though i refreshed the thermal paste…
part of the heat … is me not liking cold rooms xD
also ya … i might need a dust blower soon…

thx for info’s…

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its the biggest misconception in pc building thats if you lower your cpu temps with a bigger cooler that the room gets hotter thats just wrong

the “wasted” heat output is still the same it just draws the heat out of the cpu more efficient
but the heat output of the cpu is still the same

as told before you should def. upgrade your cpu cooler you will see a big jump in performance if thats realy the temps it gets while gaming