Constant disconnect

Constant disconnects after updating to v21.8.3 with out without craptrap

can you look into it ?


I don’t follow. You need CrapTrap for clientless in order to get in game and teleport.

My characters are getting dced after logging into the game constantly. I’ve tried logging in with craptrap and without craptrap. Same issue

Just tested local and server options on Demeter. Both are working fine. I think you may want to close everything and start over or reboot your PC.

Done. Still having disconnects every 3-5 minutes location jangan cave b3 maybe this is related.

  1. Do you have collision detect on? It should not matter.
  2. Do you have any “prefer” monster options on?

I don’t have any problems in B3 at the moment.

No, collision detection is off.
Yes there are plenty prefer monsters option like giant, party mobs etc

Is it switching between them a lot? Could be that. Try turning all of the options to “meh” and see if it works. I actually let people test that and no one reported issues.

I’ve turned off all the options to meh and it seems it has solved the issue. Haven’t noticed any disconnects in the previous version though. Thanks

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I’ll give you an update in a few minutes that should fix it. It adds a slight delay and adds more preference checks to make sure the one selected is also not preferred.

If it’s still disconnecting I’ll have to increase it some more.

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Tried the new version with monster prefer options, no issues for 45minutes yet.

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