Conditions request plugin Please

@Ryan buddy can you add the number of party members in the contraction area to the plugin
If you ask why, 3 4 people continue to lure even though they are in the city
If party member in contraction area = 6 = lure stop Please :blush:

its already in bot

attack > lure and check it

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I dont think what you’ve shown is what he asked for. I think what he asked for is the bot to stop lure when certain number of party members not in the training area, not in the party. The option you highlighted is for the bot to stop lure when < than “x” number of players are in the “party”, not in the “training area”.

same thing.

Not at all. Not even close :slight_smile:

In the Condition tab you will see a condition named In the training are you can use that and use party member count conditions to create your own condition to stop lure or start lure when the conditions occours.

Haha, it’s not. I think members in party makes no sense compared to “members in training area”.

This is not a solution as well.

He says that for example “stop if we are 5 people in training area”. Otherwise when party members go to town for a reason, your party might still be 8 people. But if you are 4 people in a training area it will cause problems.

And combining conditions doesn’t work like that. It’s phython “&&”.

Man I’m studying computer engineering I know how python works. And it’s a solution he can combine all he needs for his requirement. He can say the not equals to 5 party member in the training area just use <= 5 maybe :slight_smile: so For this task. He can find a solution

Already not working, feed comes and goes. I think the healthiest is if the party member nearby = 6 then stop it lure

@Ryan bro I think the healthiest is if nearby party member = 6 then stop pulling
Otherwise it does not work, the boot stops, it stops or it does not stop, because the party member is in the city, somehow lure does not stop Party dies Even if the party is full, lure does not stop

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