Conditions please

i have a poblem and suggest my i make my char wiz if 2x players not in the range start pick if they in the range stop pick, i choose Don’t Pick items
the problem is i want all chars pick every thing except the gold, quests, events, stones.
but i can’t do this ? can you add to the condotions start pick gold and stop pick gold that in my eye will make the pick up very very very smart
can you @Ryan

Why did you open a duplicate thread asking the same question?

it’s make a problem to me and i thought you have ignored this question.

why you didn’t add this condition, it will helps me so much ?

I don’t just add everything you ask me to add.

so why you don’t want help me ?, this is an option iam not asking for something bad ?

I understand your thoughts, but after ~8 years or maybe more of sro I can advice you to use a pick pet. It’s cheap and your “pick char” doesn’t pick up stuff 24/7 and helps attacking. This is sro :slight_smile:

this option makes char very very very smart, i want use this option only for gold, not for every thing.

i can’t buy :smiley: