Condition v202009100722 return to center


suggestion to add a “THEN” thing…

return to center(where the XY meet…)

botting solo around other party’s
setting bot to ignore ALL types
& only attack “normal General” for Quest completing reason…

& cuz of this preference … mobs stack on me … making a soup out of me…

so its best to go back to center & lure all of the none desirable Beefs … to other party’s to take it down…

that would benefit both the party players & solo…

Hello, what that Not attacked(minutes) means?
is it char is not attacking since x minutes
char didn’t get any damage from mobs since x minutes

i need help


Did not attack anything.

so this one right? I have to be sure, sorry for that

@Ryan sorry for disturbing, could you help me with that

**** I tested it and it’s not getting attacked for x minutes by mobs, can you also make a condition for char is not attacking since x minutes, we need that. Please.

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@Ryan so?


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thank you <3

can this be added too