Condition v202006090309 stop/change if

im trying to set the bot to :

in training area
players nearby count … 7 or less (what mark to use? =?<=?or what?)
party member count … 7 or less (what mark to use? =?<=?or what?)

STOP ATTACK (sperate condition)
change training area (sperate condition)

it trigger’s
Only when party number is 7/8
but not when its 8/8 but 1 isn’t around (went base or something) which means its 7/8 in spot

what im missing or messing?

its exactly the other way around
i think the best way to memoryse is that the < / > will be named like “as” and the bigger side is bigger and the smaller side is smaller :smiley:

you have basicly if… less or equal to 7 then…

why it does not trigger when a party member is not at spot? pt full 8/8 but 1 at base or something…
what command im missing or not adding it right?

You want the “Party member count” condition then. It does not care about location of your members. It only checks the amount of members currently in your party.

So if someone leaves, this condition takes place, since now you are at 7 or less (<=7, less than or equal to seven)

If someone joins again so you are 8/8, you want to use this condition. This will be called once you are a full party again.

Then you set it up to your preferences for each of the two conditions.

Hope this helped :stuck_out_tongue:

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ya i set all of that already
my complain is

i have party member count
and party member nearby
both set at to <=7

it trigger on the “party member count” when 1 or more are missing

but dont trigger on the “party member nearby” happens
as in 1 or more left the area for whatever reason while still in the party…

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