Condition suggest

hi @Ryan could you add to conditions start pick gold and stop pick gold
i want my chars stop pick gold only if ----- in the range ? can you add it ?

if ---- in the range stop gold pick only, this option will make pick up so smart, char still pick up every thing except the gold.


Probably won’t do this. I’d have to modify the gold pick state in the pick filter or add a bunch of stuff to specifically toggle gold on/off.

understood i only want char pick gold if ------ not in training, you choose the way :smiley:

change pick radius ? and make 1 character pick golds other character pick items lol :d

no i make all pick all except gold 1 char pick if dc or in town other char pick if dc other pick
i use this know but the problem is i can stop and start pick for every thing i want control the gold to make char pick every thing but if xxxxxx not here pick gold too, you understand what i mean ?

no :smiley:

let’s say you have 8 char pt mobs lv 117
all 8 char pick up quests stones
but 1 cha only pick up gold
if dc other char pick up gold



if you make gold bot in mobs lv 107 you will know what is that mean, 5 chars go to pick or 4 chars still attack and 1 pick up for all ???

Pick pet?

haven’t, chars must pick up

5 attackers 4 still attack and 1 pick up gold, it helps me to kill more more mobs

headache on this thread :smiley:

u have gold bot pt so u can buy one pet res/month lol

sorry i go out :smiley:

bruh i am logging like 300 account and dont even need these things lol :smiley:

260 account only :smiley: :smiley: anyway i will try, i will pm you to come and see.