Condition 2020.5.11

why is this 2 no triggering?

Why not combine the casts?

how ?
i added them both in “recast” section… or whats this recast section for?

So you have it under “Recast” buffs and you also added it as a condition? The one under buffs will recast those buffs if party members do not have them. It’s meant for swing march / noise.

what im i doing wrong here then?

Pick one and use it.

its still not triggering

and i removed the skills in the buff section(recast)

The condition is wrong. That is letting you set a player name. Is the player name “5” nearby?

i want it to trigger
if certain number of party members are in range or area
alive maybe

That’s not what that condition does so it’s not going to work.

how can i make it work ?
or it require new feature?

Players nearby count

it triggers it while its going to training spot
& not while its at spot…

Add “in training area” for the Ifs.

its not doing it

which one of this is the “if 6 or more”? the < or <= or != ?

Try is >=

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This >=

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amazing mechanic feature…
need to get use to it…



its spamming conditions even though the bot is on “stop”
its triggering even though there is no one in pt or in spot
while its running … but it does while its stopped!? from far away party’s?
(while bot is stopped only … idk why it triggers while its STOPPED)


since there is a:
(if)“player nearby count”(by count)
(if)“player in range”(by name)

a suggestion to add:
(if)“player in RANGE”(by number)

You also need a “botting” If.

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