how can i make bot stop
[23:22:20] Inventory: Combining [Global chatting]

[23:22:21] Inventory: Combining [Global chatting]
i don’t want bot Combin any item how ? i want it stall ? i mark on price and seted and stall yes but still Combin ?? how i can stop this Combin ?

any help pls i got mad stall work perfect but in 1 item, with globals i want bot sell 1 global, not Combin them ? any help pls

Go to the Stall → Filter tab and set a quantity.

i tried but i can’t do it, can you give me SS please ?

i split all i want bot sell 1, i make it 1 ??

Yes set it to 1.

isa i will test it after i back, thx alot

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work perfect