Clientless / Manager Crash

Since several days i got a problem with my bot / manager.

  1. my bot gets almost every 2 min clientless. i only have 1 client open at this time.
  2. after 2-3 times clientless my whole manager crashes.

bot version: 27.7.2
manager version: 2.4.5

before this started, i played since years without any problems. i didnt changed anything since than. Maybe someone can help me?

Use this Manager then send me the dump file it creates on crash.

thank you Ryan, i will test it with this manager. here my dump file: 117.15 MB file on MEGA

I don’t think that is from the one I uploaded.

no, its from the one with the version 2.4.5. i didnt got any crash so far with your ones.

Were you using 2.4.5 from Discord or the official release? The official one is different from the ones posted in Discord.

i just updated it from manager it self.

When the new one I sent you crashes send it to me and I’ll look into it.

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good morning Ryan
I had a crash again with your new manager version. i uploaded the dumb file here:

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Give this one a try.