Client less problem

Hello Guys please help me
I have been trying to resolve this problem like 2 days also don’t got any resolution
So if any one could help me about client less without any reason that being start automatic
after 1h as more joined Isro server kail i’m sure that because Phbot Cause when i’m used to sbot there was no any problem that called client less
Hope got any replying as fast as

En: Can you tell us a little more detail?
Turkish: Biraz daha detaylı anlatabilir misin?

i’m playing in new server Isro that called Kali
When I opening and join the isro after like 1h or a little than 1h must got client less without any reason

There is some bugged places it happend also on hestia is server bug not phbot. If you dont use bot you just can get a disconnect.

idk but players thats using sbot they don’t have any problem

I have been waiting for 49 minutes each client less that i got must relog after i got client less so it’s really bad