Character take free set

I was wondering if there is a possibility for my character to get free sets automatically (Degree 1- Degree 8) from npc at each town (below lvl 71). Or if i can take it in clientless mode

Even if you could it would not equip them. I was thinking about adding that since I started botting on Kali and it’s annoying having to go client all the time to get new sets.

Please make it, because it is easy to equip them from inventory (right click >> equip).

I have added support for equipping better items based on level, plus, and rarity. It can equip better items if they were already in your inventory or you get them from a drop. It will not retrieve the free sets from the iSRO NPCs at the moment. I definitely want to add that at some point but it’s tough to login so testing takes forever.


Can you please elaborate on how i can use this feature? or that it will be in the next update or what.

Equipping better items will be in the next version.

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Are there any news on this plan? I would love to be able to get the SOS sets while botting clientless. It would make leveling low chars much easier.
Would it help if someone shares a VIP account for testing?

I haven’t done anything with it. VIP would certainly make it easier but this isn’t really a priority.

specially you have already auto equipping better items

Can you re-consider this suggestion?