Character Limit

please sir remove all limits


limit to 1char plz

+1 for remove limits

Please remove the limit, I really support the removal of this measure which in principle was a good proposal to control traffic within the server. However, it is already proven that years of waiting times in the queue to enter the game remain the same, which is why it is proven that the measure applied was a failure. And well, if I have to wait a while in the entry queue to connect 1 character

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i wish i have the guts to create new accounts just to increase a vote to something i want too xD

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why need remove limits? maybe try 50 lets see what will quee really funny 100+ openers want it remove limit

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yes please remove Limit

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try 50 limit

limit 2 maybe

then maybe some will stop having a 1manUnion
& maybe join others in party
& help
in an ONLINE game…?

(not bothered with limits if its 1 or 999 … but just saying what benefits an ONLINE game…)

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u make limit then gamer find other bot

is there “other” bot though?

i mean even when there was “other” bot(S)…

the only reason some(me) left it & joined this
(i think at the beginning of adding autowalk without script with its bugs)
is cuz of its developer was actively engaging with his users…

unlike SBot(which i was using)
no taking other’s suggestions
no talking/communication (felt like unprofessional)
no response (RARELY … VERY RARELY)
& if a response is happening
its from a crew member(& still rarely)

did really felt like im interacting with a robot selling bots xD
(if he thinks its working then its working deal with it & no need for extra features…xD)

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Maybe, the only opcode that should be blocked is to create account.

What I see when creating a char for the first time, whatever the server is a battalion of bots with sequential chars clogging up all over. like 9999 chars.

They stand still with vip bronze doing nothing but crowd the server.

No legitimate player needs a bot to create a char automatically.

It’s just my opinion. Thanks =)

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I dont understand who wanna have limits. Server traffic is crazy atm with limits. What is diffrerent from limitless time? And what makes you happy?
You dont know to use plugings and you just wanna make spam users with jealous apporach. With limits x/800~900 atm, limitless same traffic.

Also I dont understand @Ryan . Make limit on account not on HDW. and get more $ who wanna open more chars. Atm I am opening same account with 3 pcs. Go enlarge your pocket dont listen these spammers :slight_smile:

You underestimate the amount of work required to implement it based on account. Each bot would have to ping my server saying that it is still alive so that the count is accurate.