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Please do not fool yourself. You put limits on each isro servers. Resut? I say 0. Still servers x/800+ we see 1000+ and get c7 errors. If you serious to solve traffic make this limit max 25 like other side. Otherwise dont put any limit and leave players free. Be sure nothing is solved now. Who was opening 100+ chars still opening 100+. You just make huge elecetriciy invoice.

Not sure who you are talking to. The community voted and wanted limits.


There is another private academy bot without limits, that’s why the new limit not have a big effect on full server

Why is everyone so quick to blame academy? Even if there’s 500 academy chars online (which there likely isn’t) there’s still 2500 gold bots online.

iSro will never have empty servers, if Ryan makes the limit 25, servers will be empty until joymax lowers the server limit so people continue to buy VIP.

That’s how iSro is and will continue to be, if you don’t like it, don’t play it.


me not like the limit
i like phbot but now changed bot for academy

Guys, I dont blame any1. I am talking about result of limits. It’s joymax’s job not Ryan’s. I dont blame him. But 100 limits does not work we all see. I am talking in general. When you make a job you wait result, if you dont have result as aspect you keep to do it?

Who is community? Just playing with 1 char and open game in max 2 3 times in a week and does not even buy 300 silk in a month, wanted limits. Most who opens 100+ pay many silks and they have right to open many chars.

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This was a test. I have no problem removing limits if people want that.


server full you can phbot not change it
joymax make full want sell vip

i want feel free i want no bot limit

i prefer the limit(voting material)…
since some of our friends or pt members with no vip/premium
DC or relogin to refill XP bar
& therefore … wasting the whole group’s time by killing the party for low number or making new commers leave thinking the party is failing(for real)

also some of you fuckers are soo greedy
they just fill up the whole FortressWar so no one takes it

or having too much goldbots = items price going up & therefore some who see it ridicules would leave the game & the server dies & isro(example) is not more… but merged servers to 1EU 1US…

selfish act

u are better off making ur own private server & have nothing but u & GPC(GhostPlayerControlled…)

u can find FREE silkroad creator if you search a bit on the web…

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make 8 account limited


You dont realize how bad of an idea that is

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Now there is 100 chars limit. Check isro servers please, do you think that this limit reduced traffic?
Solution is not here. May be, 1~25 limits works(I dont want sure). But we see now, traffic is same. So why have limit, if this does not work? Who wanna open game directly, can be VIP. I wanna open more char and I am wating hours like others and I dont make it problem. I dont understand you, traffic is for you only? Who open 100+ wait hours with who open 1 char. IF he wanna can open 100+.

community voted for remove academy plugin too but its not happened. ::))


Read carefully and understand the issue.

Because it wouldn’t do anything and just be an annoyance. I’m close to just removing all iSRO limits since queue hasn’t dropped at all.


gold price rate’s have dropped in palmyra
mainly cuz less&less peeps r buying

low GBots = low gold production
low gold production = less item buyers
less item buyers = lowering price…

Are you kidding with us here? it goes against the nature of the economy you say. Demand increases if supply is less ! And prices go high.

Low GBots= Low gold production causes High gold price&High Item price.

Also how can you say gold prices have dropped cause of limits? Traffic is same everywhere like before.

palmyra gold price at its highest to what i’ve seen
was 3.63$ per 1b
now some are selling for 2$ (1.5$ in billions)

& no im not kidding us…
maybe palmyra is dead? idk…

First off all, GBot will exist in game even you make IP&char limits.There’re many ways, VMs, Phsical servers, proxies etc. Even you make limit 1&2 then we see them with VIP buffs. We saw this approach in new servers. All gbots were VIP.
For your server, I am sure 100% is not result of limits. Because traffic is same. Possibly, server’s gold amount increased and seller has large stock then gold prices went down. This is normal result, not surprise.
I have shared a traffic yesterday, now sharing new one. I dont say anything. Where is less traffic?

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+1 for remove limits