Change Profile bug

Changing profile works with profiles except Default. I can name any other profile and all bots choose that profile but when I put in Default it doesn’t go default. It says its changing to default in bot, but it doesn’t.

Did you type it lowercase?

Yes I did. Tried both lower and uppercase

@Ryan In addition to @mohican issue, I have been trying to create different pick filter for different profile but it doesn’t seem to work. Is this a bot bug? or is it a default that we can only apply one pick filter amongst all profiles? I am really looking forward to the answer as it would help a lot when it comes to stalling in town or levelling up noobs.

I could not use a different pick filter neither.
@mohican: create a profile, based on the Default one (ex. "normal), add it to Manager, to start with it, and it will work (even in Conditions).