Can't open cher's why this happend?

how fix this proplem i can’t open anything

I don’t understand the question.

You need to create secondary password on first login. This question tab lets you do this without entering the game. It’s not a error.

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when i start bot dont open idk why and make this all infrom is ok
this proplem i dont know how fix it

pw code and all infrom it’s ok and i try for more cher’s not 1 cher only all cher’s like this

Use a VPN. Your ISP is blocking the connection.

i dont use vpn bro

don’t understand you bro

you have to select this sis:

bro i open all cher clinetless normal see this

this was open from 1 week now i start more cher say pw code and error like photo me share
idk where the proplem

i make as you say and nothing change

did you limit login to max 2x at same time?

if not
u got ip block…


try it manually again
by starting with this:

Has nothing to do with anything about the game. His ISP is blocking the conenction to the phbot servers to get the secondary password. Thats why ryan suggested using a VPN so he could connect to the phbot server.

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whats that?
he might as will didnt understand…
seeing him insisting on “not using VPN…”

internet service provider

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