Can't go to login screen sro client


Im new to Phbot and im trying to figure out the basics.
However when i launch client the client gets stuck and doesnt load to login screen.
This happends multiple times even after restarting.
Is there anyhting i can do with the settings to resolve this?

Thanks in advance

iSRO? They broke GFXFileManager so sometimes the client doesn’t load because it can’t retrieve data from the PK2s. You’ll have to just keep trying.

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Yes its on ISRO.
I guess ill have to wait then untill it is fixed by Joymax

Thanks for you really fast answer,

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they wont fix shit unless u slap them with cash
if you use bot manager … & client isn’t going from clientless to client
then click on the freazed sro window many time to force close it
& go to ph-manager & right click on the char u have its settings there
choose “go client” … still freaze? again & again & again… till u get in

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Thank you for your reply,

Do you know where i can find the instruction related to the manager ?

I’ve already reported the problem to Joymax with a video to prove.

They said to me that, I’m the only exception. It only happens to me. :v Ahahahhaa.

tell them “you are 100% right kind sir :sob:

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