Cant add Accounts to Manager


my Bot works fine. but i always have to login from myself.

i cant add the accounts to the Manager. If I Import that JSON-File the Manager deletes everthing. What can i do? Can you may help me via TeamViewer or Discord?

you dont import JSON files into the manager, just add the accounts to the manager and the bot will automatically load the JSON for that char

Good evening greetings I have a problem with the manager it turns out that when I want to add my account on a private server when saving, Server xian is placed from isro and I put the name of the server that is Mystical-Sro but whenever I save, xian appears and it won’t let me connect

Please try re-writing the informations and saving it. U must save manager’s info before going to the next account

For multiple account’s with same info you can just save some settings on your ‘‘group’’ folder before creating the first char conf

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The problem is resolved ty

If I add accounts without JSON nothing happens -.- even not phbot is starting

did you specify the phbot location in your manager?

Yes. But when i restart the manager, its all lost!!

You need to take the accounts out of the ### category. Those do not get saved.

Hi, just a question, I open manager and the ### group is there, and it says “logging”. When I take it out and I add it to the group I need (for example, mirror party) the “logging” changes to offline. Should I wait till the acc logs in before changing the group ###?

I believe it uses the character name as well to track them so yes you should wait until the character has been selected.

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