Cannot open more robots

Hello, our Taiwan server has just been revised
Now the robot can only open one, and the second one will always disconnect.
Can you help us update ?! Can’t hang up the net anymore Thank you


Have you tried using a proxy?

No, we Taiwanese players cannot drive a second robot
Official revision today
Blocked the robot, will you update it here?

Please, help us Taiwanese players

You can open one though?

Turn on the third one at 5 minutes interval The third automatic disconnection
You ca n’t open up to two.

Can or can’t?

I can turn on two robots, the third robot cannot

One is ok

Are you sure they’re just detecting that you have 2 connections open already? Have you tried a proxy on the third?

I have not tried a proxy server
Can you teach me

All our Taiwanese players encounter the same situation
Not just me

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Officials seem to raise the level of anti-blocking plug-in robots
Cause this problem
Do you have a way to tell us how to deal with it?
Can’t play anymore

I should find the reason. I wonder if you can help us Taiwanese players to revise the robot?
Taiwan ’s official treatment is that players must buy a VIP
If you use a plug-in with VIP, it will not be disconnected
But if you do n’t buy an official VIP, you ca n’t use the plug-in
Do you know what the factors are?

Have you tested a proxy yet?

No, can you teach me?

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