Cancel "Protect" skill

Hi Ryan

I want to cancel the “Protect” skill which buffed by a warrior character from another party (he is not in my party). I tried conditions> cancel skill if it is activated but phbot keep DC.
Thanks Ryan.

I don’t think you can do it with condition. DC is happening because once you activate the condition, it is trying to cancel the skill non stop, and causing an infinite loop. Can you show the condition with a screenshot?

HI Rawsly

Hi All,
Please suggest the code to cancel the “Protect” skill.
Thank all

TRY this

if in training arena, time elapsed (30 seconds), cancel buff (protect)

As I suspected. Basically what you are doing is “if protect skill is active, then cancel it.”. And in your bot settings, your character is probably trying to use Protect again and again. What you want to is to cancel Protect buff if it comes from someone else. I assume, your enemy is using “less” powerful Protect skill on you to make you weaker. Am I right? If that is the case, there is nothing much to do. This is basically a problem with the game.

Maybe @Ryan can add a feature to the bot so that you can actually build a condition with skill and level of the skill.
For example:

If “Active skill level < 110” then “Cancel buff” (and after clicking “Build”, it will ask for skill name)

Otherwise, you need to create a plugin for yourself which checks the buffs on you periodically and if the buff is not strong enough, then basically cancel it.