Can you put option to stop botting when the trade pet die

Is it possible to put an option that traderun botting stop when the transpo pet die during the traderun so that my character will die on the same spot where my transport pet die and so i can easily return to the exact place where my transport pet die and get my trade items and resume my traderun? and put a pet box indicator on map folder so i can easily know if my pet is dead or still alive, not the present setup that i need to click on pet folder to see my pet box indicator even im in clientless option of phbot.

You can make the bot stop when the transport dies with conditions.

Where will i put the condition, can u give me where and how to put it?, Thank u in advance.

Conditions tab.


Can u tell me where is condition tab? i cant find it in phbot menu. sorry im new here.

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It requires the testing release which can be found here:

Thank you for your quick response, i hope the option to put a pet box indicator on map folder will be included in ur future update so i can easily know if my pet is dead or still alive

Hello Ryan, i tried today your suggestion to put a condition to stop bot when ur transpo pet died during traderun, it works, but unfortunately, the condition continue even after the character was dead and teleported to the starting point. that cause my character to be disconnected.

I think if u can add if the transpo pet died, not if transport not summoned. im not sure since i dnt really have any idea what should be the correct command when ur transpo pet died during traderun

That is how im botting, and it is very handy when ur doing traderun to see the life of your transport pet box indicator can also be seen in each map without going to pet menu. I hope you can consider adding it to the map info especilly when im running phbot in clientless mode. thank u again.

Can’t add that because conditions only work off of the state of something (like transport is spawned or transport is not spawned). It cannot trigger a condition based off of what happened to the transport - only its state.

thank u again Ryan, God Speed!