Can you give me link to temp pw page

i share bot but always do temp pw and looked for hour and could not find plz help

There is no secondary password for the bot now since the one you get from can only be used for the bot.

so now share if one guy gives out info all screwed

bot info and forum are not same

i share bot, the info i give is same info i use? for bot? so 3 ppl have same info, now i want my friend to play i give info, someone dont play correct?

only 3 ip allowed in same time time based for hwid is 24 hour i think
@ryan if im wrong dont blame me :smiley:
yes u can give same info ( that the only info u have for bot )

you are not getting it ! i buy bot, i share with 2 ppl, one of them 2 ppl give info our someone does not play? i got robbed if it is me

you +2 other ppl = 3
other ppl can’t logued in until 24hour time based from hwid and if you or 2 other guy dont log the bot on the last time

i think i get it if i have problems with ppl i share with change pw

that simple :slight_smile: and better

reset password

yep now finding it wow

They cannot change the password without you confirming it via email. They would also need to know your email to even attempt a reset. The password would then be sent to your email if you confirmed it by accident. It’s impossible.