C10 login error (info/guide)

a general reminder Only…

happened to me while i clicked return to base
& before it did return
i Disconnect
by clicking “switch to client by reconnecting”
now when i try to login
i get C10 “character still in login process”…

(sad story)

Hi Yapersia,

I see it’s been a while since you’ve posted it. Did you find a solution on this c10 problem? I recently started to experience exactly the same problem…

Thanks in advance

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As far as i Remember the c10 error is sometimes kinda random, it mostly appears when u disconnect on a return scroll / a loading screen, its like you are stuck in the loading screen so your character is still logged in. Guess actualy there is not a way to "avoid it ". When i had it it was gone at some point, at server reset time it was gone somehow. For me in most times it happens when beeing in Clientless mode trying to go for the client

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ya u could wait for server weekly shutdown

or sudden shutdown/restart

or open support ticket at joymax/jcplanet & describe your problem & request your character be teleported(hotan usually)
tech-support have certain work time … when reporting … expect 24h till its solved…

other solutions? no(personally)
&so … i lowered my accounts down to 1x main account Only(with 4x pimped char’s)
& kept it VIP/premium buffed…

just incase of this problem triggered with me again
or any similar problems(random DC / bot update…etc…)