Bugs released

well, i been using PhBot since 2007 and quit the game 2011 been using phbot with great experience even i stopped using sbot for phbot and it was really dependable… now im back to the game but just used it for 5 days now and having really bad experience with it, i never leave my party working and come back to find it working as it supposed to be, most of all it stuck at town for many reasons… sometimes it wants to buy token horse while it has tokens so it should buy it, others it keep going back to town because off low MP pots because it didnt get the free potions and i have to restart the bot to work fine… others it stuck at blacksmith wants to open stall as the bot showing up, sometimes the char dc’s and doesnt come back for no reason others like this…

the total of all is i cant have it in perfect way to leave it and im totally sure there’s nothing wrong will happen with it, ned help please <3

im using the stable version for your knowledge

Update… and now my char stucks in town for so long and keeps saying (Database is empty, is it being updated?!!

What is the text in the log? You can see the status of what it’s doing on the statistics tab.

the status as i said… it wants to buy token horse, wants to open stall in town, Database is empty and etc… the status says that when it’s stuck



well the token horse buying is fixed after i reset the town settings and auto stall been doing for a whole day but now 2 days never done again what is really annoying is that Database is empty and stucking at blacksmith … beside sometimes the shard fatigue doesnt reset and when the char sells his potions at black smith and cant buy new free pots it keeps returning back to town due to low mp or hp pots while they are not using pots in training that much but bot sells them when he’s in town so if you stop selling pots when in town will be gud enough for this case

Use testing. I generally don’t make changes to stable unless it’s something simple and important.

does testing ver not selling pots in town? if so i will use for sure!! but dun wanna log off all my chars now if it doesnt

It has to sell them otherwise it can’t get a full stack again.

okay, i will try testing ver and give you the feedback… i wanna ask about ph manager if it helps and how to use it if possible? i cant find it in the forum like the phbot full review

Installer has everything: https://phbot.org/phBot%20Installer.exe


i’ve installed it but i want a full review and explain for it like phbot… is it available?

It just manages multiple bots by starting/restarting when they disconnect. All you do is add your accounts to it and click “start”. There is not a full guide.

ok, will try it out… thanks ryan <3

ryan, cant i paste the config of the bot into the testing one? and how is that?

You can. Copy the config folder + phBot.ini.