Bugs in test phbot

hello , i back use phbot
since 3 days i have been trying open all my chars with out problem , first problem was with manger i save all my accounts to open in same time,i see bot’s open and task manger and not showing in bot manger .
i downloaded old version of manger and i fixed it , but now i see more bugs my chars stuck all time in town and in road i write x y , and last problem when i click stop bot and i back click start he back again stop alone and i can’t start bot , i close bot and log again to can start bot …
please help me to know what i can i do to play with phbot
, i play isro

What does the bot say? It must give a reason why it stopped or can’t start again

every time i get new problem , i leave bot work i back found this msg ? in photo

Do you have an antivirus? Something on your pc caused that

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