Bug report id say

Hello. While trying to work on a few projects, ive noticed one little “bug” with PhBot… When you go to protection - Monster prefferences - search for a monster. Lets say Ghost curse. Around 8 “ghost curse” appears, with different ID’s. You set them all to ignore, you close the bot, open it, and only the 1st one is set to ignore, all other “Ghost Curses” are “meh” prefference. This happens with every mob which has more than a single ID in the list

Not a bug. It’s doing it based on monster name.


Well, wenever i do all three to “Avoid”, next time i turn on the bot, only single one is on “Avoid”, and its always not the one which is attacking me… (This always happens with Ghost curse in FGW, you set ignore on all 8 or so of them, you turn off bot, turn it on again, only single Ghost curse in the list is set to ignore, and bot keeps attacking Ghost curse, so everytime you turn bot on, you have to go to settings and set all ghost curses to ignore)

Yeah its not saving the settings u preferred

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