Bug - Player Nearby / Not Nearby

It looks the Buffs under Player Nearby / Not Nearby works only with 1 condition.
My Wizzard schould only use Life Turnover when the warrior and cleric are on the spot.
But my Wizzard cast it because my Warrior is on Spot but my Cleric not.

Any solutions?

Did you add player names to the list below?

Yes both. Added the Cleric and Warrior name

I don’t think that’s a bug because that’s how it was designed to work.

I checked my settings and tested this again.
I have Life Turnover in “Player Nearby” and set in “Players Nearby” my Warrior and Cleric.
At the moment my Cleric is offline due to dc. But my Wizzard still plays with Life Turnover

Can you check this function please? I don´t see any other option that i can make

It was designed to work so all of the players must be gone from the training area.

Yea i know…

But the fact is that the skill is executed even though only one condition applies
The 2nd condition can´t applies because the char has a disconnect…

But when you can´t belive, i hope any other player will write here