Bug: Monster preferences is not working?


phbot version: v23.2.6

I got a problem with the monster preferences:
While the Type Preferences in the Monster tab are working pretty good, somehow the preferences set in the monster preferences tab won´t give the same result.

If I have set general monsters to ‘meh’ and giants to ‘Prefer’ in the monsters tab, the bot runs to the giant right away, if a giant is within the trainings area. That is exactly the way how I expect it to work.
If I set for example Niya Shamans to ‘Prefer’ and ‘Royal Guards’ to ‘meh’, the bot isn´t doing the same thing. I am not even sure if it prefers the Niya Shamans at all in this case. It still attacks Royal Guards, even though Niya Shamans are in the training area and close to the character.

Other issue:
The bot attacks monsters which are set to avoid, once they are attacking the character. That´s what I expect the bot to do. But confusing to me is, that if a monster which is set to ‘prefer’ and one which is set to ‘avoid’ are attacking the character at the same time, it seems to me, that the bot prefers the monster which is set to avoid over the prefered one.


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Can anyone confirm those issues?

Yeah, monster preferences don’t work well.

I use the “Ignore” option and it works. But I’m not sure of the others.

This is same for uniqs. for exm.
I checked ‘‘meh’’ to ghost gulton and ‘‘prefer’’ to sereness but still no response.
Bot attacking to ghost gulton cuz it’s closer than sereness. If I want to do attack to gulton I can ignore to sereness, I mean what is the point of preference??

How need to work that preference tab;
If I prefer the serenes and others meh. Bot must attack sereness regardless of distance… same for monster priority. If I prefer giant(for example) when giant in the range stop attack to general(for example) kill the giant right away.

@Ryan can you please solve that?

Testing Suggestions v1.1 - #2 by LeqendisBacK and can you check that?

so @Ryan any news?

Prefer should work. If it’s selecting the other one it’s probably because the preferred monster is inside a wall.

Actually that is currently not the way it behaves. My char is in an area with no obstacles around. The bot just prefers the monster which is close by and not the one which is set to be prefered. (If the preferences is set in the Monster Preference tab)
The behaviour you describe is true for the monster preferences set in the Monster tab of the protection category.

This is working for me. Are you talking about the monster list option?


No sir. It’s about the distance. according to your options, if general type mob in range and closer than giant to your char bot killing it first. Same for monster list… If I prefer ghost sereness and meh for ghost gulton, when ghost gulton closer than sereness to my char, char is attacking to gulton. I think that example explains everything.

Yes, we are talking about the prefer list in the Monster Preference tab and not about the Type Preferences.
The type preferences are working as expected.

type preferences not great but meh :d


Need help about that.