[Bug] [25.9.0] [vSRO? (Private Server 'Dark World Online')] Warlock not using DOT Skills and Party Buff issues

I am using thee Testing Version of phBot.
And i have 2 problems on the Private Server Dark World Online.

1: My Warlock don’t want to use his DOT’s if the Monster has other Bad Status Effects on it, for example ‘Burn, Poison and Darkness’ from Chinese Characters.

2: My Cleric isn’t using the highest possible Phy Defense (‘Angel of the Body’) and Mag Defense (‘Angel Soul’) Buffs as Party Buffs. Instead it uses ‘Body Deity’ and ‘Soul Deity’.
But he uses ‘Angel of the Body’ and ‘Angel Soul’ as regular Buffs on himself.

Also My Bards can’t use the Party Buff ‘Obey’. Instead they are using ‘Mana Switch’.

I don’t know how to Upload the Error.txt. And i don’t find the config, script, player data.txt, storage.txt.
It would be so nice if you could take a look at this, and possibly fix these things.

Thanks in advance. Keep up your great work. Best Bot Ever.

I think i posted in the wrong section. I found the ‘Testing’ Section now. Sorry for this. I don’t want to double post this and risk a ban.
Sorry again.

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