Botting time error

botting time resets
np here
the problem is with the “XP Shared fatigue” in sro-r(palmyra):

where its 480min of 100% XP gaining rate
so i have to DC/reconnect ever 1min~479min
if i dont DC before the 480min reach … XP rate become -50%
& wont help get back the 100%rate after -50% triggers
& the option of here:

read’s the “botting time”(i suppose):

that auto resets on STOP/START BOT
which if i did … for whatever reason
& didnt edit the “DC after…” timer
it will fudge me up & give me a day without XP-gaining
can you

*make “another timer” as in “login/being in game time”(botting or not) that cant be rest … unless u get DC/reconnect

*&(optional) another timer as a “cool feature” about “time since bot opened” that CANNOT be rest … unless bot was closed…

the optional thing … nerds like me care about … specially since i got Only 1account … which means … i dont need manager…

It’s already based off in game time and not bot time.

and about the “scrap metal” Quest problem bot not re-taking it?
any addressing to this?
like will it be fixed?
or its normal and nothing needed
or its server problem

Do you have an account I can borrow to test that quest? I’m not sure if I have it available on my 112 character.

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