Bot suddenly goes clientless

i don’t know why but bot suddenly goes clientless mode during the training. There is no crash nothing!
Im normally Sbot user but i’ve been started using this bot for 2 days.

My pc’s features are better than good enough for sro.

Can you pls let me know what might cause this problem?


Which server?

SRO TR - Myra

iSRO and TRSRO both have server bugs where they send job data in player spawn packets when the player is not in job. When this happens the client will crash.

Hi @Ryan ,
client gets crashed and goes clientless in TRSRO - Myra when the char get invited to the party. This happens to everyone. i dont know why. Maybe union pt do that or something else

Hi again

Would you please tell me which SRO Server got no server bug? I just wanna play that one with PhBot and see if it crashes or not…

This answer that you gave is the one which i asked for, right. But how about the solution? How am i gonna play normal client mode and avoid getting clientless mode over and over?


All clients have bugs but vSRO 1.188 doesn’t have any packet bugs that crash the client.

Fair enough, thx

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