Bot killing opposing job players

So, after server merge, we now have some rando player spawn camping inside the Mirror dimension (Theia server). He’s gotten his little chars to some how target and kill hunters as they enter the mirror dimension.
This doesn’t affect me at all, but you have to admit that’s pretty messed up.
Can a feature like that be prevented, or is the game just going to devolve to people botting every aspect of the game, including targetting and killing other players?
If it’s not preventable, let’s get that code/script/plugin public and level the playing field for the hunters.

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The bot cant attack players

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I think that they might be using a different bot and not PHbot. That’s just my best guess.

According to my experience it’s not a targeting from the bot especially when opposing another targets … it’s something else as I saw that in as high level char … casting group skills which have simultaneous attacks like “blizzard , earth quake” in wizzard skills will attack any in thing in the range not only mobs … I saw that in my high level wizzard when any char with opposing status “job, murder” it got attacked from my wizzards in PT

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it is AGN OTOBOT .

watch AGN | Otobot v26 PvP - YouTube